The Goalkeeper caused chaos in the stands!



On Friday, most of the matches of the 5th round in French Ligue 2 were played, it was a very exciting match in-between Brest and Nancy. The host had a deficit of a 0:1 from at the half-time till end the match they emerged as winners. This angered the visiting goalkeeper, Geoffrey Jourdren.

Nancy’s goalkeeper took the ball at the very end of the game, came to the edge of the stand where the fans of the home team were placed and kicked the ball with full ferocity at them. That move caused anger and chaos among domestic fans which broke through the lawn and came after Jourdren.

Players of the both teams, and the security at the match were forced to save the Nancy’s goalkeeper, who with his thoughtless move brought a great number of men into danger.

The referee, of course, flashed him 2nd yellow following with a red card. He was given the first yellow card  in the 67th min. when he was the main culprit in causing penalty from which Brest scored an equaliser.

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